Andrès Giménez 2021 predictions and projections

Andrès Giménez is a star in the making for the New York Mets. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming shortstop for 2021.

Rotochamp projects Giménez to hit 6 home runs and drive in 30 runs with a .241 batting average and a .289 OBP.

I think he will outdo this prediction by a little, hitting 9 home runs and driving in 36 with a .250 batting average with a .295 OBP.

Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong, and I’d like to think higher of my young starting shortstop if that’s the case.

Giménez may or may not have a better season due to the productivity or lack of productivity around him in the lineup. I personally think with the moves the Mets will and are already making, Giménez will fare slightly better in 2021. He is very young, and his future is very bright.

It’s no surprise that former shortstop Amed Rosario will be giving up his natural position for Giménez, who looks to be the every day starting shortstop in 2021.

The sky is the limit for Giménez in 2021. Let’s hope he reaches his full potential!

Photo from The Athletic

One response to “Andrès Giménez 2021 predictions and projections”

  1. Rich

    Luv the player. Be careful in writing off Rosario so soon, Gimenez has to earn his PT. Rojas luvs him but he doesn’t give something you haven’t earned. (See Diaz, E who has never neen named closer) and note that Rojas has never really defined roles for anyone. I like that in him as a manager.

    Gimenez has that look to him for sure and the best thing you can do is make him earn it. This is a good group and now there is competition for ABs and that is a good thing. May the best man win.


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