Rockies want Mets to engage in Arenado trade talks

Jon Morosi mentioned today that the Rockies want the Mets to be part of the Nolan Arenado trade conversations. That the Rockies would want this isn’t a surprise, as the Mets are one of the few teams with the ability to take some of the contract from Arenado.

With how good Arenado is, I wouldn’t want to trade any big assets for him. I see a ton of tweetsters out there, that are mentioning valued prospects or MLB players for Arenado. But let me ask you this: If Arenado would be a free agent, would you sign him for 6 year 199 million dollar contract?

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In my opinion that’s a big NO. Let alone trading anyone of value for Arenado. The only way this would work is the Rockies decide to pay a huge part of the contract, trading for a bad Mets contract (Familia) and/or adding a cheap under controlled valuable piece. That’s the only way I want to part with a valuable prospect/current MLB player to get Arenado.

Please, stay away from getting stuck with a major contract that will tie our hands for years. Having a rich owner doesn’t mean spending reckless. I don’t see an Arenado trade happening for the Mets.

Photo from FanSided

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