MLBPA Responds to shortened season reports

After reports were circulating about executives and owners preferring and potentially pushing for a shortened 140-game season, as expected, the MLBPA fired back.

“We’ve seen anonymous quotes attributed to club sources casting doubt on the start date and length of the season. To be clear, and as we’ve made clear to the league, players are planning on showing up for spring training on time for a full 162-game season as set forth in the collective bargaining agreement and the league’s previously issued schedule.”

MLBPA Senior Director of Collective Bargaining Bruce Meyers

Regardless how executives and owners respond, the MLBPA will not take it lightly, especially considering that it would affect the players salaries, again.

I also imagine this will affect the Free Agent market as well, however time will tell.

Photo Credit: MLB via Getty Images / Alex Trautwig

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