Trevor May is a great addition

The Mets have signed Trevor May to a two year deal, pending a physical. The Mets have bolstered their pen with a true late inning arm to help out Diaz.

Over May’s last 113 appearances, he has been terrific. He has pitched to a 3.19 ERA/3.56FIP with a 12K/9 and a 144 ERA+.

May has swing and miss stuff as he is in the 99th percentile in whiff% (6th in the majors in 2020). He did allow more hard hits in 2020, but that was higher than his career norm, while being able to keep his high whiff%. To me it’s not a big reason for concern. His strikeout stuff is so good, it should be sustainable and get him out of trouble. Walk percentage is also above average and he allows less hits than innings pitched.

May relies on three pitches. A high 90’s FB, slider and occasional change-up. His fastball gets a high whiff percentage at 46.9, showing he is overpowering hitters with that pitch. In 2019 batters hit .180/.227/.242 on his fastball with his slider being his money secondary pitch. This past year hitters had more success, but again with his whiff percentage still high, it’s not a concern for me.

His slider is the other pitch that he has major success with, as he has been dominant over the last two years with that pitch. In 2020, his slider was filthy as hitters hit just .178/.185/.265 against off of it. There’s no surprise that he uses his slider or fastball 80.3% of the time, so he can be seen as a two pitch pitcher most of the time.

May has been a very reliable solid reliever for the Twins and is a good addition to this bullpen, with Diaz, Betances, Familia and Brach. With May the Mets also have options to decide what Lugo and Matz their role will be. Worth noting that the Mets went for a RH, which could indicate Matz in a pen role? I don’t love Lugo in the rotation as he is a better pen arm, but the Mets already have 5 RH relievers under contract and Diaz/Castro likely tendered a contract. That makes 7 RH relievers without Lugo. This makes me wonder if they switch Lugo and Matz.

The 31 year old gets a two year deal, pending a physical. We will report the finances of the deal when it’s reported. For now let’s enjoy the first big Mets move of the off-season.

Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

One response to “Trevor May is a great addition”

  1. Rich

    Nice way to get it started. Quality arm from a quality organization. And hes pitched in important games the last few years.

    I agree with you on Lugo, hes better in the pen and now we are starting to add the necessary depth we’ve lacked there.

    Fun time to be a Met fan

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