Free Agent Target: Garrett Richards

One name that hasn’t been mentioned a lot as a possible Mets target is free agent Right Hander Garrett Richards. The former Angels ace is coming off a solid and most importantly healthy 2020 season with the Padres. He could be a solid back end of the rotation option for the Mets.

Health is a main issue for Richards who hasn’t made 32 starts since 2015. His most innings in a year after 2015 was 76.1 innings in 2018. In this shortend season, he came to 50.1 innings, pitching to a 4.03 ERA.

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Arm issues has been a main issue. He has battled UCL troubles resulting in TJS in 2019. Hopefully the UCL issues are now behind him.

When on the field, Richards has been very good. Over 804.2 innings, he pitched to a 3.62 ERA and 1.26 WHIP. Worth mentioning that his 2020 WHIP was close to his career norm (1.25).

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In 2020, Richards has shown great spin rate for his FB and Curve spin. He was in the 99th percentile in curve spin and 97th percentile in fastball spin. That with an 95.1 average fastball, it could be a very good pitch. However, his 4 seamer does get hit so worth taking a look, how that can be improved while the metrics look solid.

The could be something there for Richards and with a lot of teams likely worried about his health, he could become a cheap option to put in the back of the rotation. A very good when healthy back end starter if you can get him. Definitely worth to look into IMO, although the Mets rotation can not afford much question mark additions.

Photo from Getty Images/ Jamie Squire

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  2. […] Also read: Free Agent Target: Garrett Richards […]


  3. Rare

    Sign McCann or Molina to catch. Trade Davis for Twins CFer Byron Buxton since Springer is going to either the Red Sox or the Blue Jays. Where are the supposed “irons in the fire” with Springer? Seems like slow Poke Sandy is once again dragging his feet on signing free agents. But why? Perhaps he believes Cohen is more parsimonious than everyone thought? The Mets should have already signed Bauer, and/or Tanaka or Odorizzi or Paxton. They have done neither but signed a guy who they overpaid, and put on the Majors squad. Why? A reliever named Samuelson. This reliever has an 8.18 ERA? For f__k sake. The Mets should have already signed a GM (Biily Owens or Chris Young) since it seems Sandy cannot make free agent deals or trades without having a GM in place? Sandy has become a dinosaur. If the Mets get Buxton for CF that is still a plus over Nimmo. The Mets also have Malak Smith who will be a 5th defensive OFer so they do have that as a working option. Sign Ozuna to DH, and Sign LeMaiehu to play 2B, 3B and occasionally 1B. Sandy loves guys who hit homers, and that is what Osuna does. Lamaiehu also can hit homes but usually around 25 but Yankee stadium is tiny compared to Citi Field. What DJ does is play good defense as he has a good glove, and a strong arm plus he knows how to hit for a high average. He and McNeil will be quite the tandem.


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  5. […] Also read: Free Agent Target: Garrett Richards […]


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