The Cano Effect

On Wednesday afternoon, the world was once again notified that Robinson Cano had failed another PED, test. While I’m sure there are some out there that are not all surprised, it’s important to look at what this means for the Mets going forward.

At first, I saw this as a blessing in disguise that could just give McNeil the permanent home he was looking for. However, with that transition, leaves another glaring weakness exposed and that’s at the hot corner.

While it only makes sense for the Mets to slide Davis into that corner, history has shown us that the results to that have not always been the best… or that good. In 2020, Davis had a -3 OAA (Outs Above Average) at third.

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Luckily, Davis is not the only option for the Mets. The team can leave McNeil at third while signing Free Agent DJ LeMahieu to man down second, but that won’t come cheap. MLBTR has LeMahieu signing with the Blue Jays for $68M over the span of four years, however this will likely raise his price.

The team has another in-house option in Andres Gimenez, though. While some have suggested in moving him over to second, I think I would rather consider the more defensively challenged Amed Rosario to hold down the 4-spot in the field. While Rosario has come a long way, Gimenez is just a far superior defensive option.

Another option maybe Marcell Ozuna. If the Mets decide to move McNeil, signing Ozuna could give the team a power bat in the already stacked lineup, however it would bring the team back a few notches defensively. Especially if it’s Davis in the hot corner.

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One thing I’m hopeful about, Jeff McNeil will more than likely remain a Met and have a permanent home moving forward. I don’t see the team making any moves that would have him in the outfield or at third, I believe second is where he belongs.

Photo from The Mets

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