Ozuna is still a mismatch for the Mets

According to the NYPost, the Mets have expressed interest in Marcel Ozuna. While I don’t think showing interest and considering all options to improve the team is a bad thing, however this one has got me befuddled.

We can’t deny that Ozuna his bat, is the type of bat the Mets need. The Mets need a RH bat to balance their line-up with all the lefties. However, signing Ozuna, means the DH spot is taken. With all the DH Options the Mets have inhouse already, this move wouldn’t fit in my head.

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Ozuna just can’t play the outfield anymore and isn’t part of the solution to improve defensively, to say the least. Why spend on Ozuna, with the idea of moving a low cost, under controlled bat in other areas (Smith, Davis, Nimmo). I rather keep those guys to fill the DH/LFders role and sign a guy like George Springer.

In the end, we don’t know the exact reasoning for this rumor. Maybe the Mets have other plans to adress other needs by trades? Which would make an Ozuna move more logical? Interresting to follow how this will work out.

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Photo from Tom Kirkland/Getty Images

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