Slightly Too Early Pete Alonso 2021 predictions and projections

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Pete Alonso had a slightly less productive 2020, as we all expected. Here’s a small glimpse of what he may achieve in 2021, by the stats of the previous season.

In 2020, Alonso, during the COVID-19 shortened season, hit 16 home runs and drove in 35 with a .231 batting average.

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His best year thus far was arguably his rookie year, he hit 53 home runs with 120 batted in and a .260 batting average.

It’s not impossible for Alonso to regain some momentum and get a better handle on his hitting progress again. He’s young and in his prime. The time is now where Alonso can make adjustments to his swing and turn his career into one for the decades.

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I can see, if there is another shortened season, Alonso hitting 20 home runs and driving in 42 with a .260 batting average. If there is a regular season, I can see Alonso hitting 44 home runs and driving in 89 with a .268 batting average.

To put things into perspective, Alonso is more than capable of having a solid 2021. Let’s hope he reaches his full potential!

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Photo from MLB

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