de Blasio plans to block sale to Cohen

I’m done. The folks over at the NY Post are reporting that the mayor of NYC is planning to block the sale of the New York Mets to Steve Cohen.

While reps from City Hall are confirming that de Blasio has been in touch with Rob Manfred and the MLB, however it’s just apart of the “due diligence” that goes along with such a huge transaction.

“The ‘due diligence’ line is bulls–t,” a source familiar with City Hall told The Post. “He’s told [Major League] Baseball he doesn’t want Cohen and he’s told his Law Department to find a way to stop it.”

“De Blasio can make this ugly and he can even try to stop it,” said one lawyer with knowledge of the situation. “But he has no real standing, and Cohen will sue him. And Cohen will win.”

NY Post

As of right now, Cohen is still on track to purchase the team from the Wilpons and the final vote by the owners will still be made on Friday. But the potential of de Blasio putting a halt on the sale is a realistic prospect.

Laura Goldman, who’s been a great source through Twitter, has stated that this is no more than “high stakes poker” between the potential owner and Mayor of New York City.

Lawyer Jim Maisano added this through Laura Goldman’s comments on Twitter… “Based on my commercial litigation experience, I believe DiBlasio’s window is closing. He will not win in court if he tries to block sale using lease. If owners approve Cohen this week, when legally permissible under lease terms, Cohen goes into court and gets injunction vs NYC.”

Tim Healey is also reporting that a spokesman from de Blasio’s office is denying all reports of any block in the sale process.

I’m genuinely at a loss of words, I’m hoping that this is just some last ditch effort by Jeff Wilpon and the J-Rod group. However, it’ll be a couple of days till we find out so… buckle up!

Source: NY Post

Photo credit to CBS Sports

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