Stro vs. Bauer. Who to get? Part two

The off-season is almost over with the World Series coming to an end. Biggest need in the off-season for our beloved Mets? Starting pitching!

Comparing the two biggest free agent starters, continues with part two. In part one, I wrote about the 2020 season and career stats. In this article, I will talk attitude/personality, which is a big part of both players.

Bauer: Trevor Bauer is doing a lot of good things to make baseball more interresting on social media. Let the Kids play, bat flips, it’s all part of what Bauer believes is great. He gives his opinion and shows how it’s like to be a baseball player. If you want to follow him, follow @Watch_Momentum and @BauerOutage.

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The guy has personality and is outspoken. He talks about his upcoming free agency via Twitter, talks about the cheating Stro’s and doesn’t shy away from blaming the top of MLB when they make questionable decisions. On the flip side, Bauer has been vocal on twitter on any manor. His rules for dating (No feelings, no public affection and he will sleep with other woman) is honest, but very odd to put out there. I mean, why should I care about Trevor Bauer’s dating rules. There are also stories about Bauer harassing a woman on twitter. Bauer admitted that, as he says, he is a role model for standing up to bullies. Bad part about this is that Bauer asked his followers to join the harassment of the woman, which made him the bully. That’s an awful look IMO and something he shouldn’t have done.

I like the part that Bauer is outspoken and real about the game of Baseball. Personally, I think the personal stuff is bad and could be even more of an issue in NY. And don’t get me started about his twitter feuds. He needs to learn to let things go before getting in trouble in NY. He says, he doesn’t care what people think. That’s a good thing, but if NY is turning on you, I can’t imagine he will be unfazed by that?

Stroman: Stroman is another outspoken personality on Twitter. A confidence guy who responds to Fans (good or bad) a lot on Twitter. He is selling his merch, shows his workouts and responds on people who are critical about his career as a MLB starter. He also does workouts for little league teams, which is very cool.

Last tweet that was controversial for Stroman was, he comparing himself with the Yankees current rotation. He tweeted that he is the second best starter, behind Cole for the Yankees, if he was a Yankee. Stroman is vocal about how he believes his best is yet to come. Apparently, according to fans, it’s bad to have confidence about your abilities?

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I have no clue why people see Stroman, his confidence and outspoken personality as a bad thing. IMO Stroman is the guy who profiles himself a perfect way. He is vocal, confidence, shows his personality, but doesn’t go to far. Yes, I’m a Stroman fan, love his energy on the mound and his confidence. It’s good for baseball and he believes showing emotions is part of what makes sports fun. And I agree!

Conclusion: Although, I read a lot of negativity about Stroman, Bauer gets a pass. I like most parts of Bauer’s game and his outspoken personality as well. Both bring energy and passion for the game and their abilities, both are who they are. And I love that. Biggest difference is that Stroman (for the most part) stays with baseball. He doesn’t go out of line in feuds etc. Bauer gives opinions about matters outside of baseball, that IMO he should stay away from.

I honestly don’t get why fans like Bauer for being Bauer and dislike Stroman for being Stroman. My personal opinion, is that I rather take Stroman and his personality. Stroman won’t get into trouble, while Bauer does. And don’t think in NY, he gets away with it. Especially being paid a huge contract which I will mention in part three.

This part Stroman wins!

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Photo: Jim McIsaac

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