Four things the Mets must do to become contenders.

By Angelina Heather Rizzo and Cem Tablak

The New York Mets are still a million miles away from playoff contention; not a typo.

Even with new ownership in the building, here’s what Steve Cohen needs to do in order for Mets fans to see the team reach the big stage again.


Adding Trevor Bauer will no doubt help the rotation. He can be a bit much on social media, yet, his stats remain untouchable this past 2020 regular season.

Here’s a look at Bauer’s 2020.

2.7 WAR, a 5-4 record, a 1.73 ERA, and a 0.795 WHIP.

Bauer is the main guy the Mets should be targeting, atop all other needs. Pitching wins games.

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JT Realmuto wants OUT of Philly. Yes, you read that correctly too. The Phillies and Realmuto are very distant on a mutual agreement, meaning Realmuto to Flushing could very well happen if Cohen works his magic.

Let’s take a look at Realmuto in 2020:

He hit 11 home runs, 32 batted in with a .266 batting average.

The Mets need a good catcher and I mean, need, one. Realmuto fits that category perfectly. The Mets need to sign him or someone of his caliber to be a deep threat in the playoffs or even to get there.

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By no means would Harrison Bader of the St. Louis Cardinals be a “huge splash” to the lineup however the Mets have been missing a true lead-off centerfielder. And Bader would bring just that to the Mets, at least against LHP’s. In 261 career at-bats vs lefties, Bader owns a .264/.338/.517/.855 slash line with 13 home runs and and seven stolen bases. Again, these numbers aren’t explosive, but paired up with Bader’s elite defensive abilities, he would easily be a welcomed addition.


Lugo did a solid job for the Mets and stepped up into the rotation when the team needed it the most, that’s a soldier. And I’m sure if Lugo were asked right now, his preference would probably be to stay in the starting rotation. The fact of the matter is that Lugo is much better suited for the back end of the bullpen.

In 38 starts, Lugo owns an ERA of 4.35 with 174 strikeouts in 194.2 innings. While these numbers aren’t bad, his numbers as a reliever are closer to stellar. Out of the pen, he’s pitched in 129 games and has posted a 2.53 ERA in 188.2 innings pitched. His strikeout numbers also make a jump up from 8.0 SO/9 to 10.0. This will also allow Cohen and the Mets to throw any extra money at starting pitching.

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Photo: Yahoo! Sports

3 responses to “Four things the Mets must do to become contenders.”

  1. […] Also read: Four things the Mets must do to become contenders. […]


  2. […] Also read: Four things the Mets must do to become contenders. […]


  3. Donn

    Does pitching really win games? When a 20 Million dollar starter pitches 7 innings and then minor leaguers from the pen pitch batting practice to Major League hitters- it appears as if the starter never even appeared. Allow pitchers to go 9 and finish what they begin, then we can say that pitching really counts. Bottom line: over the past 2 decades games, seasons and championships have been won and lost on the shoulders of players who years ago would never be in the MLB. The lowest men on the ladder have been the determinants of all games! Thus, the value of starting pitching is over blown


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