Cohen’s bid approved by MLB ownership committee

According to Sportico, Steve Cohen’s bid to buy the Mets have been approved by MLB’s ownership committee. This is just another one of the steps for Cohen before a review by the commissioner’s executive council.

After that, the final vote could take place as soon as the World Series is wrapped up and done. Out of the 29 owners that would be putting in a vote, Cohen needs 23 votes in his favor to finish the process.

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While Cohen, dubbed as “Uncle Steve”, already owns 8% percent of the Mets and by his nickname has always been the majority favorite to purchase the team, however there have been hurdles.

One came in the form of a group headed by former slugger Alex Rodriguez and wife Jennifer Lopez. What was interesting about this is that Rodriguez planned to appoint Jeff Wilpon as an executive or front office advisor.

This definitely would’ve gave the Wilpons, well Jeff at least, a reason to sell to Rodriguez and Lopez. However, Cohen came to the table with a serious bag and now the Mets are soon to be headed in a new direction.

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Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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