Michael Conforto on the move?

Michael Conforto is comimg off a huge season, were he trully showed what he is capable off. It looks like the 27 year old is coming into his own. He posted a 2 WAR year in just 54 games slashing .322/.412/.515. That’s good for a .927 OPS. He is also a solid defender in RF, plus you can count on him to stay on the field for most of the time. But is it still time to move him?

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First, I would try to extend Michael. I would give him a solid offer and give him an ultimatum. You can sign the extension or you are on the trade block. Why? Because Conforto is in his last year of arbritation and I do not want to lose him by free agency for nothing. If he declines the option, the Mets need to look for an answer in CF, move Nimmo to RF and have Dom in LF. I do understand having depth is extremely important and you can’t have enough. Losing a player like Conforto will be hard to swallow. But, losing him for nothing in a year, isn’t what I would want either.

According to baseballtradevalues, Michael Conforto has a value of 25.6, which could net you some prospect or help in other areas right now. Dylan Cease is an example who is close to Conforto his value. While Cease has struggled, he is still young, very talented and under controll (this is not saying I would do it, just for reference).

So to be clear, I do want an extension for Conforto. If that doesn’t happen, I would try and trade him, with his value left in tact. Thoughts?

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