Giving Stroman a qualifying offer, is a no brainer

The World Series is almost there and that means, giving out QO’s is getting close. The Mets have one option, Marcus Stroman. And it’s an absolute no brainer to do so.

As we are all aware, Stroman decided to opt-out. Many aren’t happy about it, but how can you blame him? Even the talk with him staying on the IL, until he gets his money, is something I don’t see as wrong. It’s within the rules and honestly, wouldn’t you do it?

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That being said, I would be very happy to resign Stroman, espacialy on a 1 year 18.9m dollar deal. We need a number two behind Jake and Stroman is one of the two best starting pitchers coming into free agency. So he definitely fits the need.

Odds are that Stroman will decline and look for a multi year deal and I would be interrested in resign him for a longer deal. Stroman has pitched to a 3.76 ERA/3.64FIP in his career and collected 4.6 bwar in 2019. In this free agent class, that’s one of the main free agents out there. And we know how much the Mets need pitching so that’s were I would pay up.

So to conclude. It’s obvious the Mets need to make Stroman a qualifying offer. If he takes it, great. If not, you get a draft pick compensation, if he doesn’t resign. Plus, with the draft pick attached to him, other teams might be more carefull? Mets won’t lose a draft pick when they resign him, so that makes a return little more likely. Win-Win if you ask me.

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Photo: Jim McIsaac

10 thoughts on “Giving Stroman a qualifying offer, is a no brainer

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