Hello, is it me (Jon Gray) you’re looking for?

Finally! A pitcher as the main addition in a trade option. Probably not the name you would like to see? But yes, I would consider Mr. Gray.

Jon Gray was a big prospect coming up thru the Rockies system, but besides a few good seasons, it has been underwhelming. Like most pitchers for the Rockies, pitching half your games at Coors Field doesn’t help. Although Gray has been almost equal in his career in home/road splits.

Reason why I would call the Rockies is that Gray is in his final contract year and coming off a terrible 2020. With 2020 being such a fluke season, with just 60 games, I rather look at his 2019 season and he was very good that year. In 150 innings he pitched to a 3.84 ERA/4.06 FIP, very solid if you ask me.

With his bad 2020 and him being in his last year of arbitration, diminishes his value. According to Baseballtradevalues.com, Gray gets a 2.4 value (equal to a trade pakage of Will Toffey and Ali Sanchez). While I don’t think that would do it, I would say, value wise, it wouldn’t cost a lot in terms of prospects and money.


Him leaving Coors Field and get away from the Big prospect, that didn’t work that well status, could help Gray. Get him back on track and increase his spin rate, would be something I would work on with him. To me this is a low risk-high reward type option, I would definitely see as a fifth starter.

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