Letting Travis d’Arnaud go will sting for some time

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

The New York Mets waited 5 years, five long years, for Travis d’Arnaud to blossom into the everyday starting catcher they needed. Little did they know it wasn’t long until he could be just what they needed, and on another team at that.

For the Mets, he was often hurt and missing time due to injuries. It was said that between d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki, the other Mets platoon catcher, that d’Arnaud was better offensively, and Plawecki was better defensively.

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Now, for the Atlanta Braves, d’Arnaud has found a permanent stride where he is thriving every day.

Now he’s batting .321 with 9 home runs and 34 batted in on the year, and he’s in the postseason.

Let that sink in Mets fans.

In the grand scheme of things, the Mets are known to be impatient, trade away and release players, then they become stars on another team. This is just another example. If this doesn’t sting just when they need a catcher, I’m not too sure what will.

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