Mets need to rebuild their bullpen

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

The Mets have had a bullpen problem for years, so it makes sense it is on the list of things to fix. Here’s why the Mets should consider adding a few big names. We’ve selected one in particular.

The pitching staff can only do so much to secure a game, and then it is completely and entirely in the bullpen’s hands to keep the game safe.

The Mets have had bullpen woes for years. Currently, Edwin Diaz has done better for the Mets than in his first season in New York, with a 5.59 ERA in 2019 and a solid 1.75 ERA during the 2020 season. Still, he remains shaky at times and the Mets need a few other options to look to in order to achieve good results.

Droppin’ Gems:

It’s no secret that the Mets have had bullpen problems for quite a bit. However, they’ve also pretty much have been right on the cusp of having really good bullpens.

Seth Lugo has obviously been a vital part to the pen however now there’s been consideration for him to move to the starting rotation. However, with a career ERA of 3.45, Lugo has also struck out an impressive 384 batters over the span of 383.1 innings pitched.

While Lugo probably has a lot to offer as a third or fourth starter in the rotation, I believe he’s an elite type reliever and prefer him to come out of the bullpen. Especially with Steve Cohen taking over ownership, the Mets might be better poised to trade for or sign starters.

The Mets also need Jeurys Familia to return to his pre-2020 form and he did takes steps towards that. But with reliever Blake Treinen on the market, management might take the route of unloading Familia while signing Treinen to anchor the later innings.

During the shortened 2020 season, Treinen posted a 3.86 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP in 25.2 innings pitched. While these numbers are not magical by any means, his 3.02 career ERA indicates that the right-hander indeed knows how to handle himself coming out of the bullpen.

Hello, is it me (Harrison Bader) you’re looking for?

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Photo Credit: (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

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