Pro’s for keeping Todd

By Corné Hogeveen

Big Frazier fan here. Love the guys attitude and he has been what you asked for in a Mets uni. Solid defense, some pop and a great clubhouse presence. That being said, trading for Todd last season, didn’t make a ton of sense to me. Still, all depends on what the Mets gave up to trully judge the trade.

With the Mets trading for Frazier, they have the option of keeping him in 2021. The Mets have a team option of 5.75 mil, with a 1.5 buyout. So bassicly you can keep Frazier for 4.25 mil in 2021. Still, the Mets have options without Todd at third. Davis and McNeil played third (but they didn’t play well at the position) and we have Guillorme who could handle to position. The Mets already have a packed bench, without adding additions we need to make. But we could see some assets on the trading block.

So why, with all those options, keep Todd Frazier? Two big reasons: Defense and hitting lefties.

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Defensively, we have seen Frazier being as solid as it gets over there. He won’t wow you, but he can pick it, he is league average defensive third baseman, which current starting third baseman Davis, isn’t.

More importantly, the Mets need Frazier to be a bench bat, that plays only against lefties. He had a .843 OPS against lefties in 2020 and .815 for his career. The Mets as a team had just a .761 OPS against lefties. If you manage Frazier in his strength, play him against lefties and nothing more.

To me 4.5 mil to improve a major flaw in the Mets offensive game, is something I woud do. I do understand the fans, that they don’t want Frazier taking time away from Guillorme, Gimenez etc. Gimenez will get his playing time as a short stop against RHders (Rosario against LH). Injuries happen were you can plug in Guillorme. Also see some current major league players on the trading block, so we will see what happens in that regard.

If the Mets eventually decide to move on from Frazier, it wouldn’t be a move a dislike a lot. BIG OA

But don’t forget, Todd can pitch as well

Photo: (AP Photo/Sarah Stier)

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