Mets season was a complete disappointment

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

The 60 game season didn’t go as planned; the Mets saw their best hitter end his season yesterday and a 26-31 fourth place finish for this team is a desperate cry for help once again.

Michael Conforto ended his season yesterday after having a complete monster of a year; a hamstring injury was the cause.

The bright spots on this team remained Jacob DeGrom, Dominic Smith, Conforto, Jeff McNeil Andreś Giménez, and even the sophomore Pete Alonso despite some regression.

Closer Edwin Diaz had somewhat of a better year as well.

Rookie David Peterson did well too.

The strugglers remained Steven Matz, Rick Porcello, and Michael Wacha.

The new ownership will be in effect next year, so it’s safe to say GM Brodie VanWagenen’s job is in jeopardy as Steve Cohen is expected to “Clean House” and fire and hire.

Things were disappointing to say the least.

Grade: F

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2 responses to “Mets season was a complete disappointment”

  1. Tony Abruzzo

    This article is poorly written, I say this as I am a professional writer and wrote sports for newspaper for 18 years. You have incomplete thoughts and make it seem like the season was a complete and utter disaster and it wasn’t. You failed to highlight bright spots for some players and went right to chastising them… It seems like right off the bat you had an agenda to make it seem like noting went right for this team this year. An “F” I don’t think so. IF you want to see how I would have written this let me know…..


    1. You’re definitely invited to join us


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