Is Nimmo more than a fourth outfielder?

I think the Mets might be doing more of a disservice to Nimmo rather than Brandon Nimmo doing a disservice to the Mets. While some may be responding to that by saying “Bullshit!!”, we just have to refer back to the stats.

While his batting average has never been overwhelming, the Cheyenne, Wyoming native has an outstanding .388 On-Base percentage on the 2020 campaign while his career OBP is at .387 to virtually match.

The outfielder’s career OPS is .832 and he’s currently posting up a .856 OPS this season after 156 at-bats and 44 games. On a winning team, this wouldn’t even come up as a question, however that isn’t the case.

While his defense has been the victim of a lot of talk in recent weeks, Nimmo only has two errors this year. Yea, it’s probably an antiquated stat but it should count for something. Even with the DH likely sticking around in the National League permanently, the Dom Smith/Pete Alonso switch off will be the probable scenario going forward.

Unfortunately, the former first round pick is not cut for centerfield as he continues to age. That very well may hurt his value since the Mets currently have McNeil in left and Conforto in right. His lack of pop in the batters box is not exactly making a case for him to stay in the starting lineup, as well.

With Steve Cohen ready to take control starting in November, his deeper pockets may lead the Mets to look into going after players like Ozuna or Springer during the off-season. There’s some buzz going around that Rosario might see some time in center however that wouldn’t help the team in the lead-off spot.

My conclusion is that Nimmo is indeed actually a fourth outfielder. With his lack of power to play the corner spots and declining defensive abilities in centerfield, his OBP and OPS simply is not enough to carry a team. Unfortunately, he’s not the speedy kind of lead-off man that could be depended on like Jose Reyes in his prime.

Now the next question this off-season and winter could be, “is Nimmo worth more to the Mets as a fourth outfielder or is he worth more on the trade market?“. We’ll find out in a few short months.

4 responses to “Is Nimmo more than a fourth outfielder?”

  1. Tom G

    This is nuts. The guy isn’t just great on getting on base, he’s elite. When a player is consistently standing on at least first for 40% of his ABs, you don’t bench him, you write him into the lead off spot in heavy ink. In 2018 the only players he trailed in OBP were some a shlubs named Trout, Betts, and Votto. Last year he was injured and still got on base at a great clip. This year he’s picked up where healthy Nimmo left off. I agree his defense in CF is not great, but you either deal with it to get the superior stick on the field or find a way to move him to the corner OF spots. You don’t need speed in the lead off spot unless they can keep their steal percentage at a decent enough clip that it’s worth it. You need someone standing on base, and there are not many better (not just on the team, but in the league) then Nimmo.


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