Edwin Diaz is hurting Mets’ playoff chances

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

For the second straight season, Edwin Diaz brings his struggles to light. It is time to trade Diaz, or risk sinking further back into the standings and being further away from the ultimate goal; playoff contention.

While the Mets’ bullpen has not been great for years, let’s take a closer look at the struggles of Edwin Diaz.

Last season, Diaz posted up a 5.59 ERA and blew seven saves. That’s quite hurrendous, and Mets fans tried to shrug it off, suggesting Diaz will have a bounce back 2020.

This season, Diaz is slightly better, but still you can see why it’s best to trade him or part ways with him for multiple reasons.

The Mets bullpen is bad. It has been for a while. While Diaz and Dellin Betances take the majority of the blame, something has to be done. The problem with this team is part lack of offense, mostly bullpen.

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