Top 3 fan favorite Mets in 2020

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Everyone loves a fan favorite baseball player. We all enjoy those who bring out the good feelings and emotions of watching a game. Here are three of our editor’s choice award nominees for fan favorite Mets in 2020.

Jacob DeGrom: “he is ever exciting to watch pitch. He pitches efficiently every single start and tears through opposing lineups.”

Jacob DeGrom is a must have on your fantasy baseball team if you’re looking for a quality Grade A starter. Whether you’re a die hard Mets fan or just a casual fan, you have got to admire Jacob DeGrom.

Micheal Conforto:

Now, some of you might be saying, “why Conforto?”

“Conforto has the ability to hit the ball hard and put up quality numbers each season. He’s not a Grade A superstar, but he’s due for his breakout year in which he suprises us all.”

Conforto often goes unnoticed, and is quite a clutch hitter for this New York Mets team that is in need of run support, especially when DeGrom is pitching. It’s fun to watch Conforto put up quality seasons in his campaign to be a budding superstar.

Jeff McNeil: “McNeil is young and plays hard out there. His stats speak for themselves. He is a natural born playmaker, and he could be something very special for the Mets in a year or two”

Is Jeff McNeil a fan favorite worthy of this list? I chose him over Alonso because well, we all expected a little regression from Alonso this season.

Enjoy these three players and let Mets Junkies know on Twitter which Mets you will be rooting for this season!

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  1. […] Also read: Top 3 fan favorite Mets in 2020 […]


  2. […] Also read: Top 3 fan favorite Mets in 2020 […]


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