Will the Wilpons selling be as great as everyone thinks?

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Years of misery, most Mets fan can’t wait to put that behind. However, suppose the new owner or owners of the New York Mets don’t live up to the expectations, what then?

The new owners of the New York Mets could actually be worse; yes, it’s also a possibility, especially one with first time team owners.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez probably couldn’t afford to buy the team. Do you think they are prepared and have given this a full planning, or was this just quick thinking because they have money?

It’s true, if you spend more, the productivity on the field is better quality, and no one can argue that Steve Cohen isn’t the top choice of Mets fans to make the impossible happen.

Would it be nice to have new owners? Why not? However, I don’t think it’s a quick solve to the Mets’ ongoing list of woes.

The risk will still be that the plan is a fail, and that the owners are just as toxic as the Wilpons. The Wilpons aren’t the first toxic owners in sports nor will they be the last.

It’s only best to wait and see at this point, and hope that the people in charge know what they are doing.

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