Luis Rojas deserves a chance to prove himself

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Luis Rojas isn’t the first Mets skipper to face the heat, nor will he be the last. It’s important to take things into consideration before shaming the man and his efforts during a pandemic, and a naturally tough season to deal with.

Rojas is a rookie manager. So was Mickey Callaway. To add this up, the Mets seem to like the idea of rookie managers running the show.

While an experienced manager is usually the best route to go, the Alou bloodline runs in Rojas’ veins. He comes from a solid baseball family and seems to have a positive attitude on winning with the guys the Mets have.

I’d say give Rojas a full two years plus this season before you use the line “let’s move on” because this season technically is one of the most difficult with Coronavirus at it’s worst in the big leagues. Everyone deserves a chance to make their mark.

One thought on “Luis Rojas deserves a chance to prove himself

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