Grading Jacob DeGrom’s 2019

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

2019 was one for the ages for New York Mets ace Jacob DeGrom. The two time CY Young award winner had a 2.43 ERA in 2019, while he had a brilliant 1.70 in 2019. In 2019 he combined for 11 wins and 8 losses, while in 2018 he had 10 wins and 9 losses.

While it’s safe to say the ERA in 2018 was slightly better and more dominant in 2018, DeGrom doesn’t appear to be falling apart anytime soon. His 5.8 K/BB and 0.97 WHIP suggested also that DeGrom was indeed one of the best in baseball.

If there is indeed a season in 2020 I expect him to go for the three peat. It’s safe to say you can put DeGrom in the elite category and leave him there for a few years and he will stand tall. DeGrom is a game changer and fierce competitor, even if he gets no run support, which isn’t his fault. I’ll give him an A for a stellar season.

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