Your expectations should be high

By Gino Gallo

It’s almost impossible to read an article about our beloved Mets without almost 80 percent of the fans complaining. And the complaining is rampant and frankly much of it is completely warranted. Was this off season a disaster? In some respects it was. They hired a coach and fired a coach, as well as sold the team then backed out. However let us delve into the actual team that will be on the field this season. Even the most pessimistic fan cannot completely destroy the product we will be exposed to in 2020.

As much as a lot of you are dying to have Lindor on this team, our shortstop has progressed at an incredible rate. Amed Rosario will be an all-star this season. He has made great strides, and this will be a huge year for him. Pete Alonso may not have another 53 homeruns however he will certainly be productive and is one of the most feared hitters in the entire MLB. Jeff Mcneil has done absolutely nothing but hit since his feet hit the big league dirt. Conforto is a wonderful 5 or 6 hitter, Ramos is one of the best hitting catchers in the game and J.D. Davis showed us a ton of talent last season. If Yoenis Cespedes is actually playing, he will hit. He always has and always will hit as long as he is healthy. Yet that truly is a stretch. Brandon Nimmo will be fine as our third outfielder if Yoenis cannot stay healthy. His knack for getting on base will make him an incredible number 8 hitter. The lineup is in excellent shape with an above average bat at every single position. Here is the kicker, if Robinson Cano actually has a strong comeback season, this offense will be arguably one of the best in the league. The best thing about the lineup is despite the tremendous amount of power it will put out, just think, You have 3 guys who can easily bat .300 and in all honestly, not many lineups in the MLB can truly say that.

The pitching should be excellent. Jacob deGrom is going to be a dominant force again. He is putting together a run that not many of us have never seen. Syndergaard should improve and if that happens you have two aces at the top of the rotation. Stroman and Matz are both very good pitchers and having them as your three and four starters makes this rotation downright scary. Believe me, I get it, we did lose Wheeler. Listen, I loved Zack Wheeler, but can we get something real about Wheeler…….He was a pitcher with an ERA right at around 4 and although he ate up a lot of innings he was very hittable. The combination of Wacha and Porcello is better then Wheeler. Both of those pitchers are just as good as Wheeler when they are on their A-game.

Now for every Met fans fear. What will this pen look like? So we have Lugo and Wilson as dependable pitchers. Brach was good when he signed and I believe having him here for the entire year will add another reliable arm to the pen. But what about Mr. Diaz, Mr. Familia, Mr. Gsellman, and Mr. Betances? Here is what to look for this season. Look for Gsellman to be very reliable as he is coming into his 26 year old season and looked good at times last year. It’s all about not over using the guy. If Betances is Betances those 20 some what games the Met’s blew in the pen last year will be cut down incredibly. As for Diaz and Familia……I do believe Diaz is salvageable and perhaps he even bounces back. If that happens the New York Mets will be an absolute force to be reckoned with. Familia on the other hand. At best he will probably be a mop up man.

So you heard it here at Mets Junkies first. The New York Mets are going to win about 92 games this year………We don’t need Lindor, we don’t need Marté. This team is battle ready and I can already see the comments flooding in. However please feel free to come back to this article when the Mets are in a heated battle with the Braves for the division while already having the Wild Card locked up in mid September!

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