Juan Lagares signs with Padres

Now before we get to the handful of people that’ll respond with the typical “So what?” or “who cares?”, let’s take the time to appreciate what Juan Lagares has done with the Mets. Regardless of how you feel his tenure with the Mets has been, he still spent parts of seven seasons in Orange & Blue.

Lagares, a 2014 Gold Glove winner had a .254/.297/.361/.659 split in that seven year stretch while providing nothing short of elite defense in center field.

The deal is a Minor League pact that’s worth $1.4M if Lagares makes the team and also has an extra $1.1M worth of incentives included.

With the Padres recently trading Manuel Margot, Juan Lagares has a decent chance to break the season with the Major League club. He also may potentially be a trade candidate at the deadline if the Padres aren’t poised to make the playoffs.

One response to “Juan Lagares signs with Padres”

  1. Rob Campbell

    no one cares


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