Current and Former Mets react to death of Kobe Bryant

Earlier today, the globe mourned as we not only lost a legend within the sports world, but more importantly, a father, a husband, and a human soul. Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, as well as 7-9 others souls were lost during a tragic helicopter accident.

Former Mets catcher and Hall of Fame legend Mike Piazza tweeted this after learning the tragic new, “I join all of you in mourning Kobe Bryant, sad tragic news. Praying for his family, a very painful day.”

Pete Alonso: “RIP to one of the greatest to ever pick up a basketball and step on the court. Some people grew up with Larry, Wilt, or Jordan. I grew up watching Kobe. It’s not just a sad day for basketball or sports. He did life right. Now, he’s a king remembered in time. #Mamba4Ever”

Marcus Stroman: “This is extremely tragic to society. One of the most influential individuals/athletes to ever live. His legacy in 41 years is insurmountable. I’m beyond sad. Cherish every single second of life man. Every second you’re breathing, be thankful!”

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