Reggie Jackson on Steve Cohen

Former New York Yankees great Reggie Jackson told The Post on Friday that he’s spoken to Steve Cohen several times in the past 10-15 about forming an ownership group together in order to purchase a Major League Baseball franchise. Every time such a conversation would take place, Cohen would always tell Jackson that the only Major League Baseball team he wanted to buy was the New York Mets.

“He was just dead stuck on the Mets,” the Hall of Fame outfielder said. “I have tried to talk to him about the Dodgers and the A’s and a couple of other teams and he said, ‘Reggie, I might be interested in the Dodgers, my daughter goes to college in that area, but I live [in Connecticut] and I’m a Mets fan and that is kind of where my focus is. If there is ever an opportunity, that is where it would be.’ ”

Jackson also said that if Steve Cohen were to gain control of the team, that the Mets would be “entering another universe” under the potential new ownership.

“The Mets got involved with [Bernie] Madoff and had some financial troubles and if you are going to compete in New York, you’ve got to be able to write a big check,” Jackson said. “Steve loves baseball. I take a look at the New York sports teams and there’s really only one that is successful [the Yankees], so it takes more money.”

“Certainly the technology and the ‘Harvard guys’ have gotten in, for the lack of a better term,” Jackson said. “You know the analytics and the analysis of different things. I am sure there are so many analytics in his world that he will be very comfortable with the understanding of it. I really think it’s a good thing.”

“He’s always interesting to be around because his world is so big and the things he says, the things he talks about, they are interesting,” Jackson said. “It’s what is going on globally, so I certainly think he understands what the Mets need and he will have the people around him.”

Source: Mike Puma of The Post

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