Pete Alonso comments on 9/11 cleats

New York Mets rookie first baseman Pete Alonso spoke to reporters about his cleats after tonight’s big win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is what the first baseman told the media surrounding his locker after the emotional night.

“Well originally I wanted to do some hats for us, I wanted to do custom hats with whatever group of offirst responders. If someone wanted to do FDNY or Port Authority, it would’ve been their choice but unfortunately there’s a lot of red tape with Major League Baseball and they kind of shot that idea down”

The first baseman went on to add, “so the way to kind of get around that was the cleats… I just want to come from a place where I want to show support, not to just the victims but the families as well because no one really knows how deep those emotional scars can be.”

Alonso followed with “I just want to show recognition to the people who are just heroes, just ordinary people that felt the sense of urgency in an admirable call of duty. So this is for all the people that lost their lives and all those people that did so much to help, so.”

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