Jacob deGrom is unreal

Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom. That’s it. I don’t know what to say about the two except that they’re both not human.

deGrom took the mound for the Mets today and pitched seven innings while only giving up four hits and striking out nine without allowing a run. The reigning N.L. Cy Young award winner now has an ERA of 2.86 which puts him at 6th in the league in ERA.

Jacob had all his pitches working this afternoon and pretty much put his ownership on the Padres lineup while having them look foolish at times, especially with his cut fastball and slider.

More than 50% of his pitches this afternoon were pitches other than his fastball.

After the 4-0 win, Jacob deGrom now owns a 5-6 record on the year.

In 160 starts throughout his career, Jacob deGrom has allowed one or no runs in 73 of them.

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