Trade Deadline Preview for the Mets

By Jacob Yohe,

Zach Wheeler is a rental for whichever team decides to trade for him. He has a lot of value though even with the injury, he is having a good season even though his ERA is 4.69. He can strike out batters and with a good infield again could benefit from a change of scenery. Teams that would most likely be willing to trade for Wheeler would be the Yankees, Rays, Twins, Athletics, those teams make the most sense. Reason being is the Rays and Athletics like rentals and other two can sign him. He just doesn’t make sense for a team like the Brewers who need pitching for next year. If we can net a few good prospects we will be in good shape.

Noah Syndergaard he is under team control till 2021 he is most likely not going to be traded unless the Mets get a really great offer for him that blows them away. But if he were traded, the Astros, Brewers, Yankees, Twins, Padres, Rays all make sense. He can contribute to a playoff team. If we were able to get a big package of prospects that would revamp our farm system. Which is much needed and this way we can start building around some of our other pieces.

Todd Frazier is a rental for whichever team decides to trade for him they will get a veteran with some pop in his bat. Most likely a team would take him as a DH or 3B so I see teams like the Rays, Athletics, Twins as fits not much money and he can be a contributor. We can net a good prospect most likely so it will help us keep our selling deadline going.

Jason Vargas right now is a toss up if someone will take him for how inconsistent he has been the last few seasons but if he is traded most likely all it will be is a salary dump and move on.

Wilson Ramos is a question if the Mets trade him with how bad the defense has been. He hasn’t been the greatest hitter either. If he’s traded, I just don’t see what the purpose would be because we would likely net nothing special. I’d wait and see till next year and hope he improves next year.

If we can net at least 3-4 good prospects out of this deadline it would be a win not a ton of pieces to sell of as of right now. We need to improve somehow for the future because right now the team is very inconsistent and doesn’t have much motivation right now and need pieces for the future. This deadline will interesting to see if anything interesting does go down because we could use some excitement in that farm system. The Future will be interesting to see after this deadline because we need something big.

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