Joe Girardi talks managing

Former Marlins and Yankees manager Joe Girardi recently sat down and spoke with Mike Francesa and was asked about taking over a managerial spot during the midst of the season and had this to say.

“I think there’s advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of going into a job in the middle of the season… start fresh the following year, you have a much better idea of what you got in your system and as far as on the field. In he 2019 season I think I think it’s a little more difficult because you don’t have any relationships with the players and you’re trying to turn it around right away without having any relationships. If you get a job during the season, are you eyeing next year or turning it around?”

He then added “You’re going to try and turn it around as soon as possible and get the club going in the right direction and see if you can get into a Wild Card race or even a division race. You’re going to try and turn it around right away.”

Personally, I don’t think Girardi will be managing in 2019 and to top it off, I think this is some kind of premeditated ploy for Girardi to get the job with the Chicago Cubs during the 2020 season.

With Joe Maddon supposedly on his way out, the Cubs will be needing a replacement and I genuinely believe Theo Epstein wants Girardi as their manager and I also believe Girardi would probably prefer to manage the Cubs. While it does sound like some far fetched conspiracy theory, you never know.


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