Wait, wait, the Futures Game was today??

For some stupid reason, I thought the Futures Game would be scheduled on a day where all Major League Baseball teams have off, so ya know? We could watch it. Again, MLB wants to appeal to the younger audience but this isn’t the way to do it.

Monday’s are a day that people just want to get home from and kick their feet up, and rightfully so. Kids get home from school and there’s homework to take care of, not to mention the mediocrity of Monday Night television. Who is MLB’s biggest competitors on Monday? The WWE? Who’s their biggest competitors on Tuesday? The WWE? Please, if this is what the All-Star events have to worry about, just everyone throw their damn cleats up now.

This was just poor execution from MLB to make the Futures Game more convenient for the fan, why would they want that?

If you were like me, you missed out on a scoreless inning from Anthony effin Kay, which I’m sure was cot damn fantastic if I would’ve gotten to see it. Thank you, MLB, oh, thank you so much.

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