This isn’t all on Mickey

By Gino Gallo,

Mickey Callaway has not been a good manager this season. I cannot put this disgraceful garbage on him any longer! Yes he makes some bad decisions, and perhaps it is time for a change. But this is the last time I blame Callaway for this teams absolute gutless play. I am absolutely sick and tired of Steven Matz, Zack Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard pitching like heartless dogs. It’s time they take their share of this mess going on! Why don’t they take their four and a half ERA’s, and go hit the video room! Because their performance is an absolute joke.

And let’s continue blaming Mickey for this bullpen being an unmitigated disaster. Not one, not one Mets reliever has done his job this season. And when our only reliable reliever is asked to close out the Cubs, guess what? He can’t come through either. This team is sickening and had absolutely zero accountability. The entire answer to every question seems to be blame Callaway. The Nationals have a horrible bullpen, yet you know what they did, they went out and signed Johnny Venters and Fernando Rodney. Not that those two are All-Stars, however atleast it is something different. It is effort by the General Manager!

Addison Reed, Cody Allen and James Shields are all sitting on the market. Clearly the pitchers in the bullpen just cannot get the job done! Why not try something different. Brodie, please get your head out of your you know what. This season is turning into an absolute pathetic nightmare and I’m sick of hearing Mickey Callaway take all the heat. Where is Brodie? Where are the bullpen reinforcements? Why is management so persistent on Canó playing every day?

Brodie is using Callaway as one big smoke screen when in reality, he made a few terrible moves, he passed on Adam Jones when the team desperately needed a center fielder, and he built the team with 4 legitimate bullpen pitchers, 3 of whom turned out to be well below average.

Accountability is key. Syndergaard, Matz, and Wheeler need to pitch to ERA’s in the mid 3’s and anything else is way below their talent level and unacceptable! Canó, Lagares, and Gomez need to either pick it up or get on the bench…..And the entire bullpen with the exception of Lugo and possibly Gsellman and Diaz must be revamped. This is NOT all about Mickey Callaway, it’s about a team with about 12 guys who are completely underperforming.

It is sad and infuriating. Maybe it’s time Brodie catches a little heat himself.

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