Prospect review of Keon Broxton trade

Review of the three prospects Mets gave up in Broxton Trade.

By Jacob Yohe, (Written on June 1st)

Bobby Wahl suffered a torn ACL, though that happened he could still be a very good bullpen piece down the road. It may take a while though as Wahl has a 6.92 ERA over his career. He is 26 years old so Wahl will have to succeed quickly off injury to make a career of himself. His time with the Mets was to be desired as Wahl had a 10.13 ERA in seven games, Wahl though pitched well in Triple A striking out 73 batters. Wahl has a great fastball that can hit 98 mph which can make him very successful. Wahl has a curveball that hits mid 80’s and a cutter that hovers around 90 mph. Wahl I don’t know will be a huge loss for New York because of the injury.

Adam Hill was the second prospect He has faired a bit better he has five wins in nine starts. Hill though has given up eighteen earned runs while striking out forty four batters. Hill has also walked out nineteen batters, and has a 4.20 ERA. He throws a fast ball around 94 mph and his curveball in the mid 80’s which is good for a pitcher. His curveball is a lot better than his slides which he struggles with something he has to work on. For me Time will tell if Hill becomes anything he is only 22 years old and is only in single A so he has time to work on flaws.

Felix Valerio probably the most interesting prospect is only 18 years and a lot of promise. He is a good hitter with a great 3.19 average. Not known for his home runs but he is a solid hitter and defensive infielder. I think he will be a solid hitter in the Majors someday but nothing stupendous.

In review I don’t think this trade really affects the future in anyway I just don’t see enough potential right now, in these players to be concerned over this trade. Mets will be just fine without them. Trades happen sometimes bad ones. But this one shouldn’t hurt that bad.

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