The Avengers of Citi Field: Star Lord

By Gino Gallo & Gem Tablak

Todd Frazier is an extremely vocal leader on this team. Star-Lord is an extremely vocal leader for the Guardians. Both of these guys come with an extremely funny wit to them.

However, both are extremely strong and extremely unpredictable. Star- Lord can make a grave mistake on the battle field, just like Todd can strike out 4 times in one game.

Yet Todd can hit a three homers in a game just as well as Star-Lord can save the galaxy with a dance off. The unpredictability, along with the personality makes these two match up perfect.

Today, Frazier pulled an unpredictable move that worked out perfectly. With runners on the corners and the a majority of the right side of the infield vacated, Frazier “Slug Bunted” an RBI single out to right field. Now that’s Star Lord.

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