Here’s why Syndergaard is struggling

Noah Syndergaard has always been a pitcher that’s going to give up some hits, since the beginning of 2018, the Texas born righty gives up about a hit per inning. Last year, he pitched 154.1 innings while giving up 148 hits, this season he’s pitched 69.1 innings and has given up 72 hits.

The reason why Syndergaard may be trending upwards in the “hits given up” category could be the diminishing velocity of his slider. Here are some statistics provided by Mathew Brownstein via his Twitter account…

Noah Syndergaard slider stats:


92.3 mph, .153 wOBA, 44.4% whiff rate, 47.8 K%, 0.0 BB%


92.0 mph, .202 wOBA, 46.1% whiff rate, 41.0 K%, 2.2 BB%


88.3 mph, .346 wOBA, 33.9% whiff rate, 34.9 K%, 4.7 BB%

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