A look at potential playoff push pieces

By Gino Gallo,

The Mets have come storming back after sputtering for a while. It seems as if this team really loves Mickey (regardless what people may think of his coaching strategies and abilities.) Despite the fact that most of this damage and a vast amount of the heroics came against a brutal Nationals pen, however, a win is a win. Moreover huge credit to the Mets bats for pushing Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg out of the game early! So the streak is now at four games… And in come the lowly Detroit Tigers.

However, despite how brutal the Tigers may be, they do have a couple of interesting pieces. Let’s dissect Nick Castellanos for a minute… The Tigers have made it abundantly clear he is not in their future plans. Castellanos is probably the most underrated right handed hitter in Major League Baseball. The guy has never been an All-Star despite constantly hitting 20 plus home runs, driving in 85 plus runs, and hitting close to .300. Castellanos fits the New York Mets roster like a glove, and since the Tigers have made it clear that they don’t want him, perhaps Dom Smith doesn’t even need to be involved in the trade.

Beyond Castellanos, the Tigers have a fairly young starter in Boyd who would fit well as a fourth starter, as well as an old timey vet in Zimmerman who logs tons of innings. If we are looking for one of those pitchers in the deal as well, then Dom Smith is a must in that trade.

So this series is not only a series that the Mets will take two out if three in. It is also somewhat of a scouting project….An audition of sorts, because adding Castellanos and/or Boyd/Zimmerman turns a team on the mend into a very special team.

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