Premature Panic

By Gino Gallo,

It’s Amazin’ how quickly us Met fans can come apart at the seams. The negativity has flown like a rapid river throughout the passed few weeks. Believe me, I can truly understand were this comes from. Facts are facts, the two most recent seasons have started to spiral and continued to spiral quickly. Although there are some things I can’t understand…

Has this team let us down in ’17 and ’18? It has, big time. What exactly did we have in ’17 and ’18? When the offense stalls, this team looked upon Wilmer Flores and Kevin Plewecki to get us out of the rut. Past seasons did not include Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, Ramos, or a mature Rosario. These bats are of a completely different quality then the bats we’ve had. Here is another factor you need to consider, Robinson Cano is not going to be bad all season. You can talk about PEDs and age till you are blue in the face. Cano is going to get hot, you don’t have to agree, but that’s not a bold prediction, it’s a fact, it will happen.

If you truly think Noah Syndergaard, Jacob Degrom, and Zack Wheeler are going to have Eras hovering near 4, once again you’re mistaken. The fact that the bullpen with the exception of Familia has been excellent lately should only add to the optimism we should all have.

This team is not going to lose 10-9 or 3-2 all season long. Eventually the pitching and hitting is going to coincide and a huge streak will ensue. There is far to much negativity being shot at the Mets. I made 3 demonstrative proclamations before the season started and you can fact check it. The Nationals were way to highly rated, Amed Rosario would have a exceptional year with the bat, and the Mets would be at the least a wild card team. I will gladly double down on the third statement.

Look out for the pitching to turn things around as well as Alonso, McNeil, Cano, Davis, and Rosario to start tearing the cover off the ball. Don’t forget Brandon Nimmo. Everybody loved him last year but now we are all ready to leave him as roadkill. Nimmo will re-adjust to the adjustments the league made on him and start to turn his season around.

Don’t be engulfed in negativity…..Do not be one of those people who call WFAN crying the seasons over…..This season has just begun. If you don’t believe all this, it will be re posted on Mets Junkies in Late July. So this can either be a article to tear apart, or an article that was extremely prophetic. Bet on prophetic. And bet on the New York Mets.

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