Mickey Callaway talks Edwin Diaz

While Mets manager Mickey Callaway addressed the media via press conference, he spoke about the usage of Edwin Diaz from here on out. Callaway initially stated that Edwin Diaz wouldn’t be used for save situations that involve more than 3 outs, however, this is no longer the case.

Mickey Callaway is now saying that the Mets will treat these games as if they were the playoffs and Diaz will be available for more than 3 outs.

On April 16th, Brodie Van Wagenen and Mickey Callaway were preaching a different philosophy, saying “It’s just something we don’t feel like we need to do at this point… when we get to the playoffs, he’ll be available for more than 3 outs.

“We’ve talked about this in the last couple of weeks. We have to put our best players out there,” Callaway said. “Some guys are performing better than others, so you might see a little bit of a change in how we use guys. Another thing we talked about is — and we’re doing this earlier than we would like — but you might see Diaz for four outs.”

“We’ve gotta win some games, approach this like it’s the playoffs because we feel like we need to,” Callaway said. “You might see Diaz for four outs moving forward.”

“If we’re in a tie ballgame and he goes out there and pitches the ninth and throws 10 pitches, we might send him out for a second inning,” Callaway said. “Getting an out in the eighth, maybe two sometimes, is gonna be helpful.”

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