Noah Syndergaard: “I think it’s bullshit”

Noah Syndergaard shares his thoughts on Mickey Callaway and the rumors surrounding the manager. Many fans are calling for Callaway’s head due to the poor 20-25 start to the season.

After being swept by the Miami Marlins, Syndergaard had this to say, “I think we have dug ourselves into a little bit of a hole,” Syndergaard said. “Before anybody starts pressing the panic button, I just think everybody should be reminded of where we were in 2015.

“There were a lot of guys on this team that weren’t there then, but we were in a lot lesser shape and it was later in the season and we had some pretty good results that season.”

When asked about Mickey Callaway and his job status, the 6’6″ righty said “I respect the hell out of Mickey… Mickey has tremendous leadership values. I think it’s bulls— what’s going on with this speculation there could be a change because we’re so early in the season — we’re a very small step away from putting this all together.”

Source: NY Post

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