BVW & Mickey Callaway address the media

Before today’s game vs the Nationals, Brodie Van Wagenen and Mickey Callaway addressed the media after a team meeting with BVW, all the coaches, and players. Van Wagenen would go on to say that the meeting was assurance that the Front Office believes in the coaching staff and the players,

Brodie went on to say that he shoulders the blame for the Mets 20-25 start, however he doesn’t regret the off-season moves he made, as well as the statements to the media during that time. Statements referring to the Mets being the top team to beat in the N.L. East.

Brodie then revealed that Yoenis Cespedes injured himself on Saturday at his Ramch in Florida. Van Wagenen says that he stepped into a hole and fell violently and that the team has no more information about the matter.

He also talks about Michael Conforto being symptom free of any concussion for the past 3 days.

Mickey Callaway then addresses the media saying that he hasn’t felt any pressure from the Front Office about his job. Also, he’s gone through hard stretches like this in Cleveland with the Indians, as their pitching coach.

When asked about Robinson Canó not starting in today’s game, Callaway referred to Canó poor start against lefties and that a second day of not running out the ball was unacceptable. Callaway was then asked what has changed since the day before and he Callaway stated that he didn’t want it to be a repetitive thing.

Callaway also believes that the incidents will not effect the younger core in how they approach the game and hustle. When asked about Cespedes, Callaway said that Brodie addressed everything in regards to Yoenis and his ankle fracture.

Mickey also said that Anthony Kay wasn’t considered for a call up. While everyone likes what they are seeing out of Kay, the Front Office feels that he just isn’t ready yet.

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