The Avengers of Citi Field: Rocket Raccoon

By Gino Gallo

Besides the New York Mets, another phenomenon has taken over the past few weeks. Of course I’m talking about the hollywood blockbuster “Avengers: End Game.” So in the spirit of fun, I think it’s finally time we compare our beloved Mets to the Super hero team that is ruling the box office! Here’s Part 1…

Jeff McNeilRocket Raccoon

Jeff and Rocket have some uncanny similarities. Besides both being undersized but extremely effective, the thing they share the most is their intensity. Rocket is of course the most edgy member of the Avengers/Guardians, McNeil is our most feisty and firey player. If you read Jeff’s lips when the camera is on him, he always seems to be spouting profanities. Jeff is extremely intense and fearless just like Rocket. The fit is absolutely perfect.

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