Mets Rumors and News

By Jacob Yohe

Mets are struggling with starting pitching and the bullpen, and need help, there are many options in my mind. The Mets could sign Dallas Keuchel and Gio Gonzalez or trade for Rangers Ace Mike Minor. If they were to get Minor from Texas, they could also sign Gio Gonzalez. Then the Mets Rotation would be strengthened, big time.

The Mets could also go the route of upgrading Bullpen with Craig Kimbrel or a possible trade option could help us fix the mess that is happening right now. The team’s offense can hit but we need pitching to either step up or we need to make a few moves. Also, with deGrom on the shelf till April 26 we need pitching to step up big time.

deGrom will likely not have an MRI So that is relieving. Alonso mashing home runs this season has really helped the Mets offense be able to strive, without him in the two spot, we might be struggling. Hopefully, he keeps it up and we have a great season on the offensive side.

It’s early, but a few things to fix could change it all.

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