Can Noah pick up Jake?

By Gino Gallo

Even before the Cy Young victory last year, Jacob deGrom was our ace starter. As much as everyone loved the “Dark Knight” and “Thor”, Jacob deGrom went about his business and was pretty much elite every year since he has been in the majors. Let’s not forget he had finished in the top 8 in the Cy Young voting two times before he won.

We all knew eventually Jake was going to get knocked around a little bit. However, yesterday we were still all a little bit shell shocked! A pitcher (even in 15′ 16′ and 17′) that kept us in the game 90 percent of the time pretty much took us out of it extremely early. So what happens now? Most likely Jacob goes back to dominating as soon as his next start. But in the meantime it’s time for “Thor” to drop the Hammer.

We all love Noah. He has been a extremely solid starter, although after his amazing season in 2016 as good as he has been, he has not been dominant. His tweets are funny, he shows glimpses of brilliance, and he has the look down pat. If we are going to be real with ourselves it’s just a fact, Noah hasn’t been a force for a while. He has lacked an out pitch for a while now and as much as we say deGrom won the Cy young but Syndergaard may have better stuff, time to see it.

As many lumps as this team has given Jacob over the years it’s time for the rest of the club to pick him up. And even more importantly, it’s time Noah Syndergaard steps up and becomes dominant once again. Step in there tonight and show the Twins, “You can beat our 1-A now try our 1-B.” This team has the potential to be great, it can excel.

A key to that is Noah Syndergaard become the Drysdale to Jacob’s Koufax. Slow down with the tweeting and the feud with Mr. Met go out there tonight throw 8 innings of shutout ball with 10 k’s. Do you really want to be Thor? Then put the hammer down tonight. Bring back the intimidation factor and redeem our ace.

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