Mets Junkies Exclusive Interview: Al Dukes (Producer) from “Boomer & Gio”

By Gino Gallo,

Hello, I’m here with Al Dukes Producer of the most popular morning show in The Country. Al has agreed to give some insight on the New York Mets Along with a few other things.

Gino: Good Afternoon Al, how are you doing buddy?

Al: Oh hi there Gino

Gino: So Al, the Mets have started out pretty good, But that’s not something we haven’t seen before……Do you think this season can be different? Can this team Sustain?

Al: The baseball season is so long it’s impossible to predict this early on. Check back with me at the All Star Break

Gino: So coming into the season we heard a lot about Pete Alonso…..So far so good, How long does he have to hit this way before we can say we have a legit All Star first baseman?

Al: He has to hit this way until at least the All Star Break. Evidently this is my measuring stick

Gino: Because of Dominic Smith’s excellent start, Do you think perhaps he is being, not shafted, but maybe a little bit buried do to Alonso’s fast start?

Al: Yes, he is second fiddle to Alonso right now…but that could change…by the All Star Break J

Gino: Do you think this Bullpen straightens itself out?

Al: I hate bullpens. They always ruin great games by the starters

Gino: Al, between you Gio, Boomer, Jerry, and Eddie, Who is the most optimistic regarding the Mets this year?

Al: Probably Boomer…then Eddie…then Jerry…then Me…then Gio

Gino: Currently, who is your favorite Met? Who tickles your fancy Al?

Al: I’m going to go with Jacob deGrom as my favorite Met right now

Gino: So the Mets have this bad habit of bringing up their good prospects at advanced ages…..McNeil looks awesome but hes 27, Degrom didn’t come up till he was 26, Even Alonso is 24…….The Braves and Nats and many other teams have their guys up at 19 20 years old, Do you think the Minor league player development is a problem?

Al: This question is way too deep for me

Gino: Ok Al, here’s the real pressure cooker question, Boomer and Gio, Have made several references to your beautiful girl Gina……As a neurotic mildly Social awkward guy ( As am I ) How did you do it? Was it Confidence? Was it a perfect personality match, or was it luck? (Don’t answer this if you don’t want just trying to be affable with the readers)

Al: Well, it took until my late 40’s that I finally realized women like a funny guy and it doesn’t really matter what you look like unless you are a complete mess. Plus, texting and connecting on Facebook messenger is easier than actually speaking to someone so it’s easier to reach out that way. That’s how I did it

Gino: ok Al let’s here it finish this sentence for The “Mets end this season………”

Al: By missing the playoffs…

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