HP Umpire Bill Miller seemed to have it out for Conforto

Maybe this is a stretch but I think this is an image of Bill Miller’s strike zone, I’m going to call it like I see it, just as Home Plate Umpire Bill Miller should be doing.

I may be a little bit bias because I’m a Mets fan and I’m also a huge believer in Michael Conforto this year, like MVP candidate, baseball bro-crush type stuff. So again, yes, I may be a little bit bias here.

While Bill Miller maintained a pretty pitcher-friendly zone at the plate, it seemed to get a lot friendlier for Max Scherzer when he was up against Michael Conforto.

During his first at bat, Miller called Conforto out on a change up at his shins. During his second at bat, Scherzer lead off with the same pitch causing Conforto to chase it out of the zone and put himself in an 0-1 hole.

After Conforto pushed it to a full count, Bill Miller rung Conforto up on a fastball that very well may have been six inches outside.

Conforto finished the afternoon going 0-4.

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