Conforto can be the N.L. M.V.P.

Conforto is an MVP candidate, Mickey Callaway believes it… heck, a decent portion of New York believes the hype. While Conforto has been dubbed as a streaky hitter by the New York Sports Media, it’s almost like they’ve forgotten that he’s come off of a major shoulder surgery. Before the injury, the Oregon native was simply trying to adjust to the most elite baseball league in the world, while simultaneously, the most elite pitchers in the world were trying to counter his ability to hit.

Last season, Conforto saw 638 plate appearances in 153 games, the lefty hit .243/ .359/ .448/ .797 with a 124 OPS+ in what resulted to be 543 at bats. “Scooter” slugged 28 home runs, 25 two baggers, and drawing 84 base on balls, while driving in 82 runs and scoring 78 times.

In 2019, has the lefty slated to hit 25 home runs, 25 doubles, in 484 at bats and 563 plate appearances. His line is projected to be .250/ .349/ .461/ .810, at his age 26 season.

I generally love “Baseball Reference’s” stuff but I think they’re completely underestimating the first rounder. I can understand his playing time going down slightly in order to keep him as fresh as possible when September and October roll along. However, I still see him having more R.B.I.’s in direct correlation to also having a higher slugging percentage. He’s pretty much gotten better every year since entering the Major League’s, barring any unforeseen injuries, I’m not expecting that to change now as he enters the prime of his career.

Corne’s Cut:

Michael Conforto is going to have a big year. We saw in his second half what he is capable doing. Conforto was rushed back from his shoulder injury and it shown in a very difficult first half.

I project Conforto collecting a 7 war season. For comparison Yellich had a 7.6 WAR season in his MVP season last year. I expect 30 plus homeruns and a obp around 390-410. Conforto will only play RF where is pretty solid and better than in CF. It will make him more valuable. Expect a huge year for MC Hammer.

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