Ces is easing back into action, here’s why the Mets need to be cautious.

A few weeks ago, Cespedes told all of us that he had problems walking as soon as he woke up and got out of bed. Then he told us that slowly but surely, the aches and pains were subsiding and his daily lifestyle was becoming easier to deal with.

Now the Cuban born outfielder has begun to play catch as of Monday morning, reported by Matt Ehalt on Twitter. It’ll be interesting to see how the team’s training staff goes about his rehabilitation however, reports are indicating that Cespedes should be returning to action at around the all star break.

That would be great, just as big as an impact when Cespedes first joint the club in 2015, I just don’t know if I can count on a July return for Cespedes. If the Mets get off to a slow start, I fear that the training staff may try and ramp up his activities and possibly cause more damage to his heels. And if the Mets jump off to a hot start and are able to sustain good play, why change the dynamics of a working machine?

Now, I’m not saying that the Mets should leave Cespedes off of the 2019 roster, shoot, I love the guy’s play and charisma. But they might be better off waiting till the deadline of setting the playoff roster, I’m all about limiting the older players time by a minimal amount just to get better production out of them while they are on the field.

Cespedes does have a couple of good years left in him, especially if he ever accepts the move to right field as well as a takes a reduction in playing time. That way the Mets won’t have to force a corner outfielder to play centerfield and keep everyone just a tad bit healthier, something the Mets have gotten unlucky and struggled with for the last several years.

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